Monday, 26 February 2018

Picture of the Day: Festive Lights and Lanterns

Kennedy Town is all the more festive with these lights and lanterns
It's the 11th day of the Lunar New Year... just a few more days until the traditional 15 days of celebrations are over, though it's been back to business for us ages ago.

Belcher Bay Park in Kennedy Town has gotten into a festive mood with traditional lanterns strung around the walking/running path, and near one of the entrances is this grand light display with a dog of course, sitting on top of a golden ingot and holding one up too.

Beside him are the Chinese characters 花開富贵 or hua kai fu gui, which literally means "flowers blossom, riches and honour". Pretty grand, huh?

Along with the dog are red fish-shaped lanterns that are homonyms for wealth. Can't go wrong with that.

Last night it was really nice walking through the park with these lanterns lit up to create a warm atmosphere. Too bad it'll only be around for a few more days...

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