Friday, 23 February 2018

Picture of the Day: Lai See Envelopes

Some of the more creative lai see envelopes this year celebrating the dog
This being the Year of the Dog has heralded many displays featuring cute canines and it also extended to lai see envelopes.

Designers have been given a lot of space to create some fun envelopes and these are the favourite ones I received this year.

Clockwise from the left is one from Harbour City, with a complicated way to open the envelope by releasing its folded paws to be able to get the money note inside. Why does the dog not have eyes? Seems weird, but cute nonetheless.

Next the red and gold envelope from auction house Christie's gets the award for best graphic design. Look closely and not only are there red dogs, but gold ones too!

We also can't resist the gorgeous face of this mutt from the SPCA that says 一狗万利.

Finally, a red and blue thick envelope from ba&sh, a fashion brand. Pull the gold tab and a and the red dogs turn into a red background with gold lettering that says "Happy Chinese New Year!"

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