Thursday, 22 February 2018

Picture of the Day: People Day

A captivated crowd watching the tail-end of the dragon dance at lunchtime
Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year -- which means it's 人日 (ren2ri4) or "human day" or in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak "peoplekind day"; in other words, everyone's birthday.

How people want to be automatically a year older during Chinese New Year I won't quite understand, but Times Square shopping mall in Causeway Bay celebrated with four lions and a dragon.

At lunchtime the piazza was covered in people watching the lion dance and my colleague and I walked by as it was finishing up. The lions did dramatic acrobatic leaps up on poles while the dragon ran around in circles.

Near the end there was a pop sound and the lions and dragon spewed out rectangular-shaped tissue paper confetti for a dramatic finish. They also threw small stuffed red dogs into the audience.

Here's a picture of the crowd watching the dragon doing its last dance before the show was over.

Happy 人日 everyone!

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