Sunday, 4 February 2018

Picture of the Day: Oat Milk

Swedish oat milk! Have you tried it? Tastes yum!
I read about oat milk recently and went to a vegetarian grocery store here called Green Common that opened a few years ago. It sells a variety of Chinese and Western food products, some are vegan, some are vegetarian.

The items are moderately priced for the most part, though I must say the 250ml box drink of Oatly cost HK$15 (US$1.92)!

The company likes to make you feel good
However, I enjoyed the drink -- sipping it through a straw it was like drinking milk but not creamy per se, with a subtle oat flavour. Maybe because I was thirsty, I had no trouble finishing it either. There's plain and chocolate flavours, but I opted for the plain one to see what it was like.

Oatly comes all the way from Sweden which probably explains the exorbitant price. The company promises its oats are non-GMO and don't use many pesticides to grow the oats.

I have yet to try other alternative milks like almond and rice milk -- has anyone else? Soy milk, especially those made outside of Asia, are quite sweet, but oh so creamy!

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