Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Air Warning

The end of the Year of the Tiger is finishing into quite a smoggy one. So try if you're in Hong Kong, best to avoid Causeway Bay as much as possible.

That's because pollution levels recorded there reached 182 yesterday, while Central was 137 and Mongkok was 107.

Anything over 100 is considered very high...

Hong Kong Observatory forecaster Steven Ng explained the high pollution levels were due to the dry weather.

"Usually, when winds come from the north, they bring particulates in the air -- visibility is not too good," Ng told local radio.

Hong Kongers are getting more and more frustrated with the government not doing anything substantial about cutting down on air pollution, or telling the mainland to stop polluting our air.

While much of the pollutants do come from China, Hong Kong itself could significantly reduce the pollution it generates.

Why not make all car owners buy hybrids and bus companies have hybrid vehicles? Why not enforce idling bans on everyone. Too bad if you're sweating for 10 minutes -- is it too much of a sacrifice for the planet?

And what about cutting down on the use of air conditioners in the summer, and keeping room temperatures warmer instead of freezing cold?

However, the government doesn't have enough guts to take such a radical step -- instead it kowtows to business, leaving the rest of us breathing in pollutants.

When Hong Kong officials have to breathe the same air we do, you'd think they'd be just as concerned as us. Strange.

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  1. yes the hong kong government is not courageous enough to exert its own sovereignty. on one side they have to look north for directives and to look south on the tycoons. it is squeezed in between with social actives. it is a role none envies.