Saturday, 5 February 2011

Picture of the Day: New Year Wishes

The tower at St Mark's Square which is part of The Venetian in Las Vegas is wrapped in red.

It has a graphic of a rabbit and the Chinese character 兔 (tu4) and 心想事成, which means "may all your wishes come true". It's a couplet people say to each other during Chinese New Year.

At Wynn, there's giant long dragons hung from the ceiling and apparently a lion and dragon dance at the hotel tomorrow evening.

Aria hotel even had the trees with mini mandarin oranges with lai see envelopes with the Chinese character 褔 (fu2) for fortune -- hanging upside down. Tomorrow the hotel will be hosting some 3,000 high rollers to a nine-course Chinese banquet.

Apparently some 80 percent of the clientele who are high rollers in Las Vegas are Asian, thus the big effort to get them into the festive spirit to gamble more...

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  1. the enthusiasm las vegas put in to celebrate chinese new year would certainly put the real chinese to shame. but the real motive is obvious.