Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Smashing Statement

Before and after... making a smashing point
Some patriots sing the national anthem and wave flags.

Others paint their faces in their country's colours at sporting events.

And then there are those who are more radical in their patriotism.

Like a young Chinese man who attended the Changli International Wine Festival in Hebei.

Wearing reflective aviator glasses, the unnamed man successfully bid and paid for two bottles of Alsatian wine by Domaine Emile Beyer for 200,000 RMB ($30,000).

He then promptly smashed one of the bottles "to support the domestic wine industry" in China.

Last week Chinese wine producers wondered if European wine makers were dumping cheap wines into the mainland market, said a Reuters report. While imported wine sales are up, domestic ones are down, so the patriot claimed buying domestic wine was "priceless."

How does that make sense when the vast majority of wines made in China are undrinkable?

Nevertheless, many people criticized the young man's publicity stunt on Sina Weibo. "This is a stupid show-off," said Eddie_lj. "If he really loves his country, he can use the money to support students who dropped out of college because of poverty or other disadvantaged groups, and that would be meaningful."

Another said the other bottle was now worth 200,000 RMB. "People in the antique business play this trick a lot."

Yet another commented, "This man is so poor that all he has is money. What a pity."

Wine lovers must be wondering, "Did he really have to smash it? Why not let us drink it!"

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