Sunday, 26 August 2012

Picture of the Day: The Last Stand

The tents at Occupy Central come down tomorrow
This was the scene at Occupy Central at HSBC headquarters this afternoon.

As usual for a Sunday they were surrounded by a sea of Filipina domestic workers on their day off.

The protestors of Occupy Central have until 9pm tomorrow night to vacate the premises otherwise the police will move in and forcibly remove them.

Those taking the last stand have said they intend to clash with police, though we don't expect much more than scuffles.

We will be relieved to see the space finally cleared after 10 months of them occupying the space.

This particular protest in Hong Kong was not very productive and for the most part ignored because their demands were idealistic.

Some were demanding the end of capitalism, while others wanted all their money back on investments that lost money; the former had no concrete steps of how society could survive with out capitalism while the latter did not realize that all investments come with risk and that nothing is guaranteed.

So let's finally get back to our daily lives or working at our jobs to make money so that we can have roofs over our heads and have food on the table.

In the end that's what life is, not camping out in Central making naive points.

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