Sunday, 19 August 2012

Picture of the Day: View from The Peak

A rare crystal-clear view of Hong Kong Island and beyond from The Peak tonight
My friend YTSL is an avid hiker and every Sunday she climbs up a different mountain or path that I've never heard of. She loves the sense of adventure, especially when she encounters interesting creatures along the way.

However she is also a major film buff and today she watched two movies presented by the Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival 2012; she still wanted her hiking fix and suggested we go for a night stroll around The Peak tonight after her second movie.

I warned her about the massive crowds of mostly mainlanders on The Peak but we decided to give it a shot anyway.

We waited for the No. 15 bus at Admiralty and when it arrived 15 minutes later we were dismayed to find it was already full. Add to that the constant twists and turns the bus makes as it winds its way up The Peak almost left me sick to my stomach. And people like living up there?

When we finally made it to the Peak Galleria that houses the bus terminus, we were shocked to see a massive line for the bus going back down and hoped that after our walk the crowds would have dissipated a bit.

I've done the walk around the circumference of The Peak before many years ago, but never at night before. For the most part the paved path is lit and the only people you encounter are photography enthusiasts and some crazy joggers who passed us twice.

We came for some exercise, but also the fantastic view.

A few days ago we had Typhoon Kai-Tak come by and it was overcast and rainy for a few days. But today was very clear and it was the perfect day to go up and try to take some panoramic shots.

Here's one of the best of the lot that I took, with the ICC tower on the far left, followed by the colourful The Center, and to the right of it the tall building is IFC, and then at the far right is the Bank of China all lit up.

When we emerged from our nice hour-long walk, there were still tons of people waiting to get down by either mini bus, taxi or bus.

We figured the fastest way was by bus and we managed to get onto the third bus -- and have seats too. It was another roller-coaster ride and we zipped down to Wan Chai in less than 15 minutes.

Seems like the driver either had to rush back up again to do another round, or wanted to finish his shift as fast as possible...


  1. Wow, you put up the blog entry really quick! I haven't even downloaded *my* photos onto my computer yet!! :D

    And ya, that's a really nice photo you have there. Hope I'll have one as nice (or thereabouts) in my collection. :)

  2. You can have some of mine if you want! Just thought this one was the best of the lot!

  3. Thanks for the generous offer but I checked and I *did* manage to take some shots of my own that were to my liking too. :)