Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Time to Un-Occupy Central

The Occupy Central hangout will go in less than two weeks
The Occupy Central protestors have 13 more days to vacate their campground under the HSBC bank building in Central.

Orders from the High Court came down yesterday, giving the rag-tag group until 9pm on August 27 to leave the plaza.

Master Reuden Lai Tat-cheung ruled that the protestors, who had been inspired by last year's Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, had no legal basis to occupy the site.

However the people at Occupy Hong Kong are determined to put up a strong resistance.

"We will stay until the last minute," said Jojo Wong, 22, who sleeps at the camp three nights a week. "We are prepared [to be forcefully removed by the police]."

Tam Mei-kam, who is the mother of the late Canto-pop star Anita Mui Yim-fong is another protestor refusing to budge. "I am not going to leave this place and I am going to make it bigger."

She and her son Mui Kai-ming have been voicing their discontent over how the bank dealt with her daughter's estate. According to news reports, they brought bamboo poles and sandbags to the camp. We'll see how they use them...

In any event we will be counting down the days until the police move in and tell the protestors to leave. And if they don't, remove them by force.

The public passageway has become like a garbage dump, with old couches, tables, chairs, blackboards, books and tents. While it looks relatively orderly, it doesn't belong outside and in Central.

It's surprising HSBC didn't file this injunction much earlier for hygienic reasons as people were actually cooking on mini stove tops people usually use for hotpot dinners at home.

So while we admire these people for sticking it out this long, it's time to pack up and go.

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