Thursday, 7 March 2013

Born-Again Persona

Former fung shui master Tony Chan is now known as Peter and a Christian
The evolution of Tony Chan Chun-chuen continues.

Chan, a former hairstylist and self-styled fung shui master who claimed to be Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum's lover at one point, is now a Christian.

He was baptized on Tuesday at the Crossroad Community Baptist Church in Tsing Yi and curiously he also changed his name from Tony to Peter to mark his fresh start in life.

"This is the happiest day in my life," he told a radio host. "It felt like getting married, and I could tell everyone that I am a Christian."

By believing in Jesus, Chan renounced geomancy, describing it as the work of the devil.

He said that if an adviser's prediction did not come true, one might lose a few thousand dollars.

"But you have to be especially careful if they do come true, because by creating such effects the devil's motive is to lure people towards him," he said on Commercial Radio.


He also explained that his turning point came last March when his Christian driver Henry Tam quit and gave Chan a Bible.

"When I held on to that Bible, I felt like paralyzed... and warmth in my heart... so I asked Henry, 'can I have a meeting with a pastor?'" Chan said.

We have to question Chan's motives for finding God now... is he hoping this latest personality shift will earn him brownie points when he stands on trial on April 22 and must pay up HK$420 million in unpaid taxes and legal fees?

It will be interesting to see how he worms out of this one, now that he has turned his back on fung shui and now needs to get a real job... or perhaps he has stashed more money somewhere we don't know about.

In any event one good thing about Tony -- uh we mean Peter -- is that his wife Tam Miu-ching reports her husband has made "some progress".

"He has changed, becoming quieter, and less agitated," Tam said. "We are more harmonious now, as he is spending more time with the kids."

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