Friday, 1 March 2013

In the Spotlight Again

Military singer Li Shuangjiang's son may be in trouble with the law again...
A child of an official is back in the news again.

Previously known as Li Tianyi, the then 15-year-old got into trouble in 2011 after he beat up a couple while their young child looked on because of a driving dispute. Oh and being underage he was also driving illegally. For his punishment, Li was sent to a government correctional facility for a year.

His father, Li Shuangjiang is a popular military singer and the two were known to belt a song or two together on stage. After his son's heinous act, Li senior was said to be ashamed and remorseful. After Li junior completed his time, his parents changed his name to Li Guanfeng.

However time in a correctional facility may not have been enough to deter Li from committing other crimes.

He was most recently arrested on suspicion of gang rape. He and five others were accused of gang-raping a woman in a Beijing hotel room after a night of drinking. Apparently one of them was also one of Li's roommates at the juvenile detention centre.

There are media reports that Li senior, 74, was sent to hospital for treatment for an illness after his son was detained.

Chinese state media is not impressed. The People's Daily wrote an editorial about the case earlier this week.

"Family education" among successful, well-known figures in China needs to be "cautious", the paper said. "Many of these children have not experienced the hard work needed in the struggle to achieve success, but are shown the results of this success.

"Used to getting everything they want and having all their problems handled, they will use their father's name as an excuse, take flaunting wealth for granted and regard defying the law as brave behaviour."

We shall see what happens to Li Guanfeng... and if he changes his name yet again.

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