Monday, 4 March 2013

Quote of the Day: The Prince Philip of Hong Kong

One can never predict what will come out of Tang's mouth...
Ah Henry Tang Ying-yen... he definitely cannot use the "I think I regard myself as middle-class" comment to even try to pass himself off as an average Hong Konger unlike Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah.

Instead, Tang, with his pedigree and even further isolation from plebeians makes him like the Prince Phillip of Hong Kong.

Which is why we are curious the Chinese government elected him to be a member of the Standing Committee to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the Communist Party of China. Isn't the CPC supposed to be about equality?

Oops we have forgotten the CPC itself is full of contradictions which probably explains why Tang fits in so nicely.

However, we still like to call him Hong Kong's Prince Philip because he makes the most bizarre comments.

Anxious to make a good impression when asked whether pan-democrats would be considered patriotic enough to run for chief executive, he said: "In my eyes, anyone who helps with the country and Hong Kong's development, and fosters economic, social and political improvements could be considered as contributing to Hong Kong. Who is eligible to become a chief executive candidate is stipulated in the election law and the Basic Law. Anyone who falls into those criteria should be able to stand."

What is the man talking about? When pressed further, he added, "A majority of Hong Kongers love the nation and Hong Kong."


We probably agree most Hong Kongers love their city, but the nation?

He obviously has no clue about the uneasy tensions between mainlanders and locals in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Sheung Shui, along with the spitting, urinating in public places and hoarding of all kinds of goods including flats...

Hence Tang should be called the Prince Philip of Hong Kong.


  1. Sorry, no -- the Prince Philip of Hong Kong is... Jackie Chan!

  2. Noooooo! Tang is so removed from reality! Chan is just plain delusional and the lap dog of the Chinese leaders!