Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture of the Day: Nouveau Riche Painting

An arresting image that makes you look twice -- painted in China perhaps?
Last night I had a peek at the newly refurbished VIP rooms at the Grand Hyatt Steak House.

Its previous incarnation was JJ's and when I was much younger I came here (not often!) to listen to the live band or twirl around the dance floor.

In any event the place is now busy serving up steaks, fat fries, sundaes and salads along with big cabernet sauvignons.

And in the upstairs rooms that used to house the band and lounge area have now been transformed into VIP rooms for special wine dinners and events.

The decor is still the same as JJ's, with the dark wood panelling and now the addition of tables and leather-backed chairs.

But this picture caught my eye -- a Vermeer-like painting with the modern Hong Kong skyline in the background.

It seems to typify the nouveau riche here -- they have all the trappings of wealth from apartments to luxury brand clothing, and now want the artwork to match...


  1. Re the painting in question: it's (a reproduction of) Vermeer's The Art of Painting. So not Renaissance but, rather, 17th century Dutch master... ;b