Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Whitening the Pits

Smell good and have white arm pits with this deodorant
Whitening skin cream has been all the rage in the last few years, with Asian women obsessed with having fairer complexions, but these products actually leave their skin looking unnaturally pale.

These creams are extremely horrible for the skin because they contain acid in them to literally bleach the skin. The result is a thinner skin layer, making it more prone to melanoma and more fragile.

Nevertheless, they are big sellers here in Hong Kong, and if you try to avoid them like I do, the saleswomen give you strange looks.

In the meantime cosmetic brands have looked for a better way to whiten the skin but in a more natural-looking way and also do not necessarily market them as whiteners but brighteners that claim to make the skin more translucent.

However the other day I was shocked to see a television commercial from Rexona pushing a whitening deodorant.

In the ad, a pair of attractive women have a flat tire and are outside wearing sleeveless dresses and waving their arms for help. But one of them realizes her armpits are darker than her friends and is embarrassed.

But not to worry -- a few sprays of Rexona Whitening Roll or Whitening Apa (spray), you'll not only smell great, but also have white armpits.

Check it out the Indonesian version of the commercial:


It's this creation of insecurity that helps sell products like these and with Hong Kong having a good population of women who are obsessed with how they look, this is the perfect market to pitch armpit whitening deodorant.

But then again this Australian brand has a whole range of deodorants for women with such names as "Confidence", "Delicious" and "Sexy"...

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