Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tragic End for All

While we would like to comment on outgoing Premier Wen Jiabao's work report (boring, self-congratulatory, short on mistakes), but there is a sad story coming out of Changchun in Jilin province.

A man had kidnapped a baby boy and for two days there was no news of the infant until last night.

The man turned himself in and admitted he choked the two-month-old baby to death.

On Monday the father parked his Toyota RAV4 at the convenience store where he worked. He left the door unlocked and the engine running to keep the child warm so that he could go turn on the heat in the store.

However Zhou Xijun, 48, stole the SUV and then didn't realize the baby was in the backseat until he drove onto the highway and the boy started to cry.

Zhou then buried the body somewhere in the snow along the road in Yongfa township, about 60 kilometres from Changchun where the vehicle was stolen.

First of all we are shocked the father left his baby unattended in the unlocked SUV and then at Zhou for murdering the child.

What is going on? What possesses people to needlessly kill another life?

While many Chinese people online are calling for Zhou to be executed, this will not solve anything. We need to understand his background, his motives and his state of mind.

Zhou may be sentenced to death, or the judge may pity him because he gave himself up, but the court will not be interested in having any kind of compassion for him.

China really needs to tackle its social problems, not only the massive income gap, but also issues within the society.

Otherwise more of these sad stories are going to continue to crop up, bringing more sadness and frustration without solving anything.

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