Friday, 14 March 2014

Charting New Territory

A panoramic view of the skyscrapers in Central from Pier 9
After work tonight, YTSL and a colleague and I had dinner at Watermark, a western restaurant right at the Star Ferry Pier in Central. We quite enjoyed the seafood platter -- choc full of lobster, crab, sea whelk, clams, mussels, scallops and prawns, but were disappointed there were no oysters available this evening!

In any event, our friend left us after dinner and YTSL and I walked along the waterfront promenade. It was a pretty nice walk, barring the public washroom area which really had a pungent smell! Walk as fast as possible away from that area!

Looking eastwards to Wan Chai
We passed by the 350 metre long military dock and the area in front that the Hong Kong government has apparently given to the People's Liberation Army... many residents opposed the move, but the Town Planning Board did not listen to the objections...

And then we walked past Admiralty and the government offices and made our way towards Wan Chai. There are mini balconies and alcoves where young lovers like to cuddle up on the benches. It's a great view of the harbour and the alcoves allow for a little bit of privacy...

Our first stop in Wan Chai was Fenwick Pier. It's still an outpost for American navy personnel and we wandered around a bit, but were disappointed to find the shops were closed by the time we got there at 10.30pm. We'd heard that you can buy American magazines at US prices. Next time! The Italian restaurant Giando is there and we hear it's good, but the location isn't that convenient.

I went home after that while YTSL continued on to Golden Bauhinia Square at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre when it started raining!
We wonder what Pier 10 will be used for?

We should soon be able to walk all the way to North Point. The weather is cool now which makes the stroll nice, but how will it be like in the summer?


  1. Ahem... you forgot to mention the other companion you went along the waterfront promenade with this evening... ;b