Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pictures of the Day: Banyan Tree

Fantastic shot looking up at a Banyan tree in Kennedy Town
Last week YTSL and I explored Kennedy Town at night and discovered there are many eateries to choose from!

The roots, large and small hang on to the stone wall
Davis Street has several options, from high-end French bistros to pizza and Mexican and pubs. And then a small alley houses a Belgian beer pub and we tried some beers there.

After walking around a bit more we discovered a decent sushi place and Chinese on the same street, and where a pub is that serves authentic Thai on Thursday evenings.

Along Forbes Street we could hear people playing basketball above us and as we looked up we saw these Banyan trees perched above whose roots scaled down the stone wall in tangles.

Some roots look similar to ginseng!
We marveled at the sight and couldn't resist taking a few pictures.


  1. I do love the way the banyan trees just grow over everything - man-made and natural. They just look amazing!