Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pictures of the Day: Zhou's House

The dragnet keeps continues to circle tighter around Zhou Yongkang
China watchers are waiting for the announcement on the fate of former security czar Zhou Yongkang, 71, but the climax keeps building with more news about him or his family and associates.

The latest are images of a large mansion in Jiangsu province owned by Zhou's son that were taken with a drone helicopter and then gone viral on the phone app WeChat but was quickly censored on the mainland.
The two-storey home on the site of Zhou's childhood home

The home is owned by Zhou Bin, a 42-year-old businessman who has been formally detained since December and faces possible bribery allegations, and may have been involved in illegal dealings in Sichuan, and the oil industry, both which is father built up as power bases.

From the images, viewers can see the two-storey home with white walls and surrounded by a classical Chinese garden. It is situated in the village of Xiqiantou, Zhou Yongkang's ancestral village.

An article posted with the picture claims Zhou's two brothers used to live there and the home was built in 2010 on the site of his childhood home.

Another report by Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post quoted residents who said they used to see officials and businessmen visit the building, but haven't seen any come by recently. They also added surveillance cameras were installed around the home.

The home in Xiqiantou village has a classical Chinese garden
The Oriental Post added the last time the villagers saw Zhou was last April when he said: "This might be the last time I visit you."

We're all now waiting to see what happens to Zhou and his home...

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