Sunday, 30 March 2014

Park Visit Before the Deluge

A panoramic shot overlooking the park, Central and Admiralty
The Hong Kong Observatory raised the black rainstorm warning tonight for the first time this year with thunderstorm warnings and lots of lightning flashes.

The heavy rains are expected to persist throughout the week, though we hope not as severe as right now!

Beautiful orchids in bloom
Local media have reported that there was hail in Wong Tai Sin at 8.30pm with the size ranging from a golf ball to a person's palm. Festival Walk shopping mall was hit by hail too, causing the glass to shatter in the ceiling and caused flooding inside. There's a picture of torrential rain pouring down on an escalator area, an image that is movie worthy.

It's a huge contrast to earlier today when the weather held up and after a big brunch at Simply Life in Queensway, Admiralty, we walked off the meal with a visit to Hong Kong Park.

We first checked out the Conservatory and in the Humid Plant house we saw many orchid species as well as hydrangeas and even bamboo. It was quite pleasant in there as there weren't many people -- probably at the Rugby Sevens? Or worried about the weather?

Another section of the conservatory, the Dry Plant House, had numerous kinds of cacti that was pretty neat. Everything was laid out nicely, with signs labelling the plants and clear pathways.

A Bali Myna posing for his close up for us humans
Afterwards we headed to the aviary to see the birds, of which there are over 80 species in this man-made tropical rainforest. Again there weren't too many people, but there were a few kids at first who ran around scaring the birds away while we adults were trying to photograph them!

Nevertheless we did manage to get a few decent shots, particularly of the Bali Myna bird with its white body, black-tip tail and a distinctive blue skin around its eyes, much like a stylish exaggerated blue cat eye on a bird!

This bird seemed to be very photogenic today and posed for us humans as it stood on the wooden railing.

Pecking on a banana perhaps for dessert?
There were other avian species, like pheasants and pigeons, but the Bali Myna and some colourful parakeets were the only ones who didn't mind us taking pictures of them. The parakeets were very particular though, and would only hang around if they were being fed by hand by one of the keepers...

By the time we left there was a minor sprinkling of rain, which gave no indication of the deluge we would receive tonight...!

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