Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Soft Sell

Use this brand's skincare products and you too can look like this!
A while ago a colleague introduced me to an eyebrow pencil that I quite liked and then last month ran out and went to the boutique to get another one.

One would think the transaction would take 10 minutes, but instead I was sucked into the store, invited to have a seat on the plush chair and would I please fill out my details for their database?

Polite aggressive only begins to describe the service at the store in IFC.

I didn't really want to do this, but now comfortably seated it was harder to flee. I duly gave them as basic information as possible, but then the sales girl quickly assessed my skin and then started testing specific lotions on the back of my hand to try.

One required having to use a cotton pad to rub the lotion into the skin which she claimed made it smoother... perhaps because the pad buffed my skin?

After that she gave me a whole slew of samples to try and an instruction booklet on how to use them all.

And before I could leave the premises I had to book a mini facial or a session on how to use their make-up product range. I opted for the former and we set the appointment to a month later, today.

In the back of the store is a small room and in the counter in front of where I sat was a whole array of skin care products. She was going to apply each and every one on my face at one point or another.

She gently cleaned my skin and the began applying a calming lotion, then a serum, placed a hot towel on my face to open my pores then another serum. This was followed by the application of a mask for five minutes.

The sales girl returned, removed the mask and then began applying a whitening cream, which I really detest using (because it bleaches the skin and makes the skin layer thinner). Then a magical moisturizer that apparently does all kinds of things, from even out skin tone to reduce puffiness around the eyes to a bit of whitening again.

Finally she added SPF 50 on my face and even added a bit of foundation cream on and filled in my eyebrows again with the same shade eyebrow pencil I usually use.

Like most beauticians, I was expecting her to chastise me on my skin which isn't the greatest during winter, but she instead said it was pretty good. Nor did she hard sell me on any of the products, except for the mask, saying there would be a new product launch later this week.

So I left feeling beautified and more knowledgeable about this skincare line. I probably can't even afford the whole slew of products, but it was interesting to see how they were used. Perhaps the best tip is that I need to treat my face a bit more delicately from now on...!

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