Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Very Public Proposal

Interested in shooting your pre-wedding photos in Iceland?
The big story trending in Hong Kong now is the guy who spent HK$400,000 ($51,588) to propose to his girlfriend.

Thirty-seven-year-old Victor Tang spent HK$200,000 on a 1.5-carat diamond ring, then book a corner suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong for HK$26,000, and hired a helicopter for HK$150,000 to carry a 100kg red banner that read: "I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?"

A public engagement complete with helicoptered proposal
Oh yeah and another HK$15,000 for a video crew to film it all.

What did his girlfriend Stephanie Cheung of one year say?

Well, yes.

Once this over-the-top proposal was reported, people managed to find out online that the couple had already taken their wedding photos in April -- in Iceland.

From the documentary-style video, it seems like a wedding photographer called Muse Chan persuaded the lovebirds to fly all the way to Iceland to take some dramatic and romantic photographs despite the below freezing temperatures.

Stephanie & Victor ~ Iceland Pre-wedding (冰島拍攝花絮 ) from Muse Muse on Vimeo.
Stephanie & Victor ~ Iceland Pre-wedding (冰島拍攝花絮 )

不知不覺MUSE MUSE的冰島之旅以經一個月了!
感謝Stephanie 和Victor,也和我們一起留下美好的回憶~

Video & Edit by Man Ho @ Muse Muse Cine

** More about this Trip :
Muse Chan X Profoto - The Extreme Iceland

Muse Muse ~ Iceland Trip Showreel 2015 ~

Sure there are some amazing shots -- her in a strapless floor-length red dress lying on a block of ice, or her in a wedding dress and veil hugging him from behind in a barren landscape -- but there are some odd ones too like posing by the carcass of a crashed airplane? How is that romantic?

It just seemed like the shots were taken there just because they could, but not because the couple had always wanted to visit Iceland or had some mutual interest in the country.

A dramatic picture of the couple on an airplane crash site...
And yes the photographer did give out his secret of using a Pentax for the shoot...

So the media was totally had by the couple, who were totally had by the photographer.

It seems like a total publicity stunt for everyone involved while the media were duped into thinking this was an interesting story on a very slow news day.

Lots of people commented on how outrageous so much money was spent (this was before the wedding photo shoot was discovered), and mocked how Tang said, "I'm not a rich guy but I control my budget".

In the end he must have spent way more than HK$400,000 on wooing Cheung... God knows how much. But was it really worth it?

We'll find out after the wedding - if it happens... or maybe they're already hitched and they're doing everything backwards...

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