Thursday, 20 August 2015

More Does Not Mean Better

Some people enjoying themselves in a pool in Shanghai
We couldn't help but shake our heads when we read this story in the news today.

It is a reminder of the ignorance that continues to pervade China despite its enthusiasm to modernize as quickly as possible.

At least 10 people who used a swimming pool in Beijing had to be treated in hospital after inhaling excessive amounts of chlorine, according to the Beijing Morning Post.

A cleaner was said to have put too much of the chemical in the water at a middle school swimming pool. Luckily there were no reports of serious injury.

The report said swimmers started feeling dizzy and began vomiting on Monday evening and police and emergency personnel were called.

One man was quoted as saying he smelt a strong odour in the water. "I couldn't breathe easily," he said. "I also had a heavy feeling in my chest and felt my nose swell with blood."

When he got out of the water, he was too dizzy to walk, according to the news story.

The pool has since been closed to the public, but expects to reopen within a week.

Has the cleaner been notified of his or her mistake? Obviously that person was not properly trained or instructed as to the necessity of putting accurate amounts of chlorine in, and what excessive amounts could do to people.

Either the cleaner was careless, or perhaps thought some extra doses of chlorine wouldn't matter, or would help disinfect the water because some swimmers may have relieved themselves in the pool...!

But that's another matter...

In any event, good intentions, but dangerous effects.

Hopefully lesson learned...

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