Sunday, 23 August 2015

More Contaminated Water in Hong Kong

Why hasn't the government not solved the issue of lead in water yet?
It is very worrying that the Hong Kong government still has not found the cause of lead in drinking water in the city. The latest to find lead in their water is a primary school in Sham Shui Po.

One of six samples taken at St Thomas Primary School contained 43.2 micrograms per litre, more than four times the World Health Organization's safety level of 10mc/l.

The contaminated sample was found from a tap for washing hands in a first-floor classroom, while the other five samples were less than 5mc/l.

Principal Tam Hsien-ming said the school was highly concerned and taking emergency measures. Tam said the school took water samples for testing after public housing estates were found to have excessive levels of lead.

Tam has also notified the Education Bureau, which seems to have not shown any kind of concern, only saying it was working closely with the school and seek support from other government departments.

Why isn't the Education Bureau concerned about Hong Kong's children to ensure all drinking water in schools are safe? And what about hospitals?

In fact why aren't all water sources checked for levels of lead?

The longer the government takes to find the source of the contamination, the less confidence people have in the authorities to deal with this serious matter.

Some even think that perhaps the lead contamination is coming from the Dongjiang River across the border, where Hong Kong gets over 80 percent of its water, but the government not dare to say anything.

In the meantime the only ones pleased about this situation are the water companies... who apparently don't seem to do much to treat their water before bottling it!

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