Saturday, 8 August 2015

Super Hot Hong Kong

The hazy days have made Hong Kong's skyline look like this
Today was a sweltering start to autumn in the lunar calendar. It was 37.8 degrees Celsius, beating the previous high of 36.1 degrees Celsius since the Hong Kong Observatory kept records 130 years ago.

And not only was it hot, but very humid and hazy, thanks to typhoon Soudelor, that landed in Taiwan early Saturday morning, where at least five people have died, and over 100 injured. The typhoon is now headed towards Fujian province.

Thankfully Hong Kong didn't suffer any destruction, but it was very hot. The beer festival in Lan Kwai Fong had lots of people turn up for decently-priced beers and food, where I bumped into a friend with her family after a workout in the gym.

Trying to beat the record high temperatures with umbrellas
On Thursday I went to the public swimming pool in Kennedy Town thinking I could beat the heat. I arrived just after 6pm, when the pool reopened, but found it was already crowded thanks to several lesson groups in session.

But what really turned me off was the temperature of the water -- it was the same if not warmer than the air! My cousin had told me of his experience of swimming in the same pool and we concluded it was the water absorbing the sun's rays all day that made it so hot.

We also wondered what the health effects were -- if it was not hygienic to swim in such warm water.

In a quick online search I could only find that swimming in warm water could tire one out easily, that there was a high chance of dehydration, muscle cramps and overheating.

I was definitely feeling overheated and took a cold shower afterwards and drank quite a bit of water afterwards.

It's too bad because one would think swimming in the pool would be a great way to cool off on a hot day -- not.

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