Friday, 21 August 2015

Pictures of the Day: Water Fountain

Kids hanging out by the water fountain in front of Wynn Macau
People who work in Macau were telling me that it's busy because many families are here for summer holidays.

But you wouldn't know it by the roads that seemed relatively free of congestion, and hardly any taxis and cars pulling up into the casinos.

I came out of Wynn Macau just as the water fountain started up and Frank Sinatra started singing Luck Be a Lady in the speakers.

Taking in the water show a la Frank Sinatra
The few mainland Chinese visitors around gathered to stare at the water fountain that seemed to dance and sway with the music.

While watching a dancing fountain was probably not new, did they know who was singing and what the lyrics were about?

Written in 1950 by Frank Loesser, the song was featured in Guys and Dolls where a gambler, Sky Masterson, hopes he will win a bet, the outcome of which will determine whether or not he is able to save his relationship with the girl of his dreams.

The song became a signature hit for Sinatra.

After the song was over and the fountain stopped shooting water, kids started leaning on the edge and playing with the water.

"很好玩的," they said. "This is lots of fun."

The good fortune of enjoying simple pleasures.

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