Monday, 31 August 2015

Picture of the Day: Disneyland Resort

The marbled floor is decorated with... glass slippers...
This afternoon I visited the Disneyland Resort for work and it was my first time going to the place.

After taking the MTR to Sunny Bay then transferring trains to Disneyland in a Mickey Mouse-themed train, we went to the supposedly happiest place on earth.

In the early afternoon not many people went to the park, a few young families, and a number of mainlanders, though the train wasn't packed.

When we arrived, we headed to the shuttle to get to Disneyland Resort and caught it just as it was leaving; the bus driver wasn't too happy waiting for last-minute stragglers, complaining that now his schedule wouldn't be on time.

So perhaps not everyone is happy at Disneyland...

The Disneyland Resort doesn't have Mickey Mouse or anything decorating the outside of what looks like a massive villa complete with outdoor ceiling fans in the entrance, but inside it's a fairytale-like place with marble floors and faux European decor.

I need to get to the Grand Staircase Foyer and after walking down a corridor, behold! Massive chandeliers!

And down on the floor it indicates who this staircase is for!

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