Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Attention Seeker

A consultancy firm proposed cutting tram service from Central to Admiralty
No need to panic -- we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that the Hong Kong government has come out for the record.

Earlier a company called Intellects Consultancy made a proposal to the Town Planning Board to cancel the Central to Admiralty segment of the tram service to improve traffic.

Shocking, right? What is Hong Kong Island without trams?

Intellects Consultancy is headed by Sit Kwok-keung, who turns out to have been a former long-time senior town planner with the Planning Department.
The firm said trams take up 30% of road surfaces
In a radio interview he said electric trams served no purpose other than taking up large chunks of major toads and blocking traffic during rush hours in the city's main business district.
He added trams take up 30 percent of the road surface, but now with the MTR line going all the way west to Kennedy Town, streetcars serving this area should "go to the history museum".
Sit did not rule out phasing out the entire tram service if his plan for the cancellation of the Central to Admiralty section succeeded.
One can imagine the outrage if the plan really came to fruition, of killing the existence of the 110-year-old tram affectionately called "ding ding". It could be grounds for another Occupy Movement.
But the government preempted it with a statement this afternoon.

On a recent submission to the Town Planning Board (TPB) to cancel the Central to Admiralty segment of the tram service, a Government spokesman today (August 19) clarified it is neither a government proposal nor a proposal by a consultancy commissioned by the government.

All submissions will be discussed by the TPB in accordance with the established procedures.

Under the existing transport policy, trams provide frequent and affordable services without roadside emissions on the north of Hong Kong Island for an average of around 180,000 passengers every day, performing a supplementary role. There is no change to the role of trams under the policy.


Intellects Consultancy says trams belong in the museum!
At least the government has its head on straight with regards to trams in the city.

However, Sit should have proposed this on April 1 to make his idea even more compelling...


  1. What a relief!

    When I thought of HK, before I came to live here, I thought of the trams and the ferries and the open air dining at waterfront restaurants, not skyscrapers and shopping malls. My fantasy of my life here was to either ride the tram or the ferry daily, alas because of where I work and live this isn't my reality.

  2. HI Diana -- Yes I like riding the tram especially for short distances or when you're not in a hurry. It's too bad you can't take them daily, but it's a relief to know the tram isn't going away anytime soon!