Thursday, 31 December 2015

Dazzling Festive Lights

A beautiful reflection of the Christmas lights on the pond
Last night my parents and I continued an annual tradition in the last few years of going to VanDusen Botannical Garden and checking out the Festival of Lights.

It is on during the month of December with a short break around Christmas, and so we managed to catch the second last day.

An area had an underwater theme with coral and jellyfish
When we arrived at the garden entrance just before 8pm, there was a massive line to buy tickets! With the show closing in an hour, it was hard to fathom if those people would be able to get in. Luckily we had tickets in hand and were able to practically walk in.

Temperatures were very cold at 1 degree Celsius, but everyone was in a festive mood and the brilliant display of lights were quite the sight to behold on a clear evening.

The staff at the gardens put the show together every year and use over 1 million of them! There's a pond near the entrance where some of the lights move to Christmas music, and nearby a garden area was transformed into an underwater one complete with glowing jellyfish and coral.

A tree decorated with red umbrellas!
The rose garden was transformed into Les Jardins de Paris sponsored this year by Air France, and if people took pictures under the mistletoe with the sculpture of the Eiffel Tower in the background that are posted on social media, they would have a chance to win a pair of tickets to Paris.

One tree nearby had green lights and then decorated with red lights that outlined umbrellas! If they were yellow they would have taken on a very interesting meaning!

This year the garden expanded to add a few more stops, a sound room where people could bang on drums, ring bells and wood chimes. Another was a light room and people could light up trees nearby by having their hands hover over sensors.

Since it was so cold, there were long lines for hot apple cider, fresh doughnuts and popcorn.

The brilliant display had many photographers out in force
We managed to wander around most of the garden in under and hour. My fingers and toes were pretty much frozen by the time we left and it took me a while to defrost them!

This year Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park has an "Enchanted Nights at Bloedel" that we may check out for free with our VanDusen tickets...

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