Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hong Kong's Bubble Class

Prince's Building in Central, where many tai tais like to shop and dine...
In Hong Kong, there are some people who completely live in a bubble.

They are so used to other people serving them that they can't do anything themselves.

And I was incredulous to witness this first hand this afternoon.

I was in a card shop in Prince's Building in Central, and one young expat woman was asking a barrage of questions, where wrapping paper was, if there was black cellophane tape and so on, while the one staff manning the shop was trying to look after another customer. Was she really in that much of a hurry that she couldn't browse and find the items herself?

Trying to be polite, the staff member did her best to multitask, though at one point she had to leave the cashier to help the woman find all the stuff she needed. No matter that it cost more than HK$600...

Then there was a tai tai in her 60s who asked if the shop had gift tags in the form of stickers. The staff affirmed there were, but the tai tai had to know exactly where and even though she was pointed in the right vicinity, she still couldn't find them.

She seemed to want the sales staff to again leave her position at the cashier to make the rest of us wait, but the staff refused to budge, probably used to seeing many customers like her.

Finally the tai tai finally found something, and even though she opened it up to see what was inside, she had to ask the staff again how big the stickers were even though it was clearly shown.

In the end she paid for it, but how pathetic is that?

Can this tai tai not do anything herself?

Has Hong Kong's elite really degenerated into a segment of the population that expects everyone to wait on them hand and foot?

Or have we enabled them to be like this?

Either way it's no wonder they are completely clueless about what's really happening in the city!

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