Wednesday, 30 December 2015


A map showing the areas that felt the impact (light to weak)
Here in Vancouver at around 11.39pm, I heard my shower door rattling louder as the floor started shaking. Was it an earthquake?

It got louder and louder and then it subsided quickly.

Turns out it was an earthquake!

Preliminary reports say it was magnitude 4.8, and 19 kilometres north of Victoria.

I immediately went onto Twitter to quickly discover my family and I weren't the only ones to feel it!

Seems like people as far as Abbotsford felt it, and very strongly in Victoria and Saanich, as well as across the border.

So far no tsunami warning has been issued, but it was definitely an interesting experience. Hopefully no more rattling again... anytime soon!

If you are in British Columbia or Washington State, let me know if you felt it too!

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