Saturday, 12 December 2015

Quote of the Day: Leung Chun-ying's Twisted Words

Leung Chun-ying influences young minds about flats in country parks
Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying did some major spin on some young people the other day, making us wonder if they had critical thinking skills to know he was talking complete nonsense.

At an inter-school debate competition held in Sham Shui Po -- where the media weren't allowed to attend -- Leung told the students there that the government would offer residential flats for free if it was allowed to reclaim land and develop country parks.

Excuse me?

"Assuming there was a site in country parks deemed by everyone to be of low ecological and sightseeing value, the government would build flats on the site and their selling price would be lower than that of ordinary Home Ownership Scheme flats," Leung said in a hypothetical scenario. "But the price tag would only be enough to cover development and construction costs."

What kind of ludicrous example is this? Every part of the country parks are supposed to be protected by the government, and yet Hong Kong officials are trying to make it look like environmentalists are the evil ones. And besides there's a lot of illegal construction projects going on in the country park areas and the authorities aren't doing much to stop them...

And anyway, where would these areas of "low ecological and sightseeing value" be located? Probably no where near any kind of transportation route. Why would anyone want to live there unless they wanted to be hermits?

"Would you consider buying such flats when you're 30?" he asked.

As the students said it would take too long to wait 15 years for these affordable flats to be completed, Leung added: "Even if I promised you today that the government would provide residents aged 30 with free residential flats 15 years later, the government would still need to have sufficient land to build the flats."

He further told the students, "If we are not allowed to reclaim land, level mountains and develop country parks, we would face an even bigger problem 15 years from now."

The "wolf" is at it again -- trying his wily tricks on youngsters who think turning 30 is really old.

The truth is that there are a lot of brown sites around the city that haven't been considered for alternative use, particularly schools that have been abandoned for years. Why not develop these areas? Or why not mandate developers to not only build residential flats for the rich, but for low-income too?

Leung's short-sightedness demonstrates how this administration has no vision for Hong Kong, nor any kind of creativity in its thinking.

We need someone who cares deeply for the city, not someone who twists words for short-term gains.

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