Friday, 11 December 2015

Picture of the Day: Nature Calls

The kid looks unfazed as he does a No. 1 in a plastic bag
I'd read lots of stories about mainland kids peeing in the MTR, but I had yet to see it with my own eyes -- until today.

This morning I was on my way to Tuen Mun, when on the train from Central to Nam Cheong, I could see a mainland family, with the grandparents looking over a boy who looked around three years old.

And then the grandparents started rifling through their bag and took a bowl and spoon out of a plastic bag, while the mother, who was sitting in the seat across came over the started undoing the child's pants.

I thought, No! This cannot be happening!

Soon the pants were down to his ankles and the plastic bag placed in front, that collected the bright yellow liquid...

Interestingly no one said anything -- the woman nearby didn't even notice -- too busy looking at her phone, while others just tried to mind their own business.

I just happened to practically have a front-row seat at this spectacle.

OK nature is calling, but I don't recall any Hong Kong kid doing this in the MTR. Ever.

Their parents would have already trained the child to go to the bathroom before getting on the train, or making them hold it until they arrived to their destination. That would teach children to make sure they do their business at the right time.

But not mainland kids.

If nature calls, then just let them go wherever they happen to be.

In the countryside this would not matter -- natural fertilizer is good anytime.

But we're in the city. In a fast-moving train.

Is it too much to ask for children of a certain age to be toilet-trained before they come to Hong Kong? Or elsewhere for that matter?


  1. No one caused a ruckus over this incident? Did anyone give them the evil eye at the very least? Have people given up?!

    1. I was shocked that no one batted an eyelid! The MTR should have announcements of no urinating on the train!