Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gao Zhisheng Missing Again

Where is Gao Zhisheng again? He has gone missing since Sunday
We are dismayed to find that rights lawyer and political dissident Gao Zhisheng has been out of contact with his wife in the last few days after he voiced support for a fellow activist who was sentenced to prison last week.

Gao's wife Geng He, who lives in the United States, said yesterday that her daily contact with her husband was abruptly cut off on Sunday, and when she called his number there was a message saying the number no longer existed.

On Saturday Gao had praised Yang Maodong in an online article.

And now with Gao being incommunicado, there are fears he is being punished for speaking out again.

This is not the first time this has happened, though it is troubling each time he is punished.

His last interview after his release in August 2014 detailed the torture and mistreatment he faced in, and that at the time of his release he could barely speak or walk.

"Every time we emerge from the prison alive, it is a defeat for our opponents," he said.

"I thought about giving up and giving my time to my family, but it's the mission God has given me," to stay in China, Gao said.

He has said that during his years of detention, he managed to build a mental barrier to deal with the physical perception of pain.

"This is a special ability I have acquired to allow me to survive difficult times," he said.

If Gao really has been detained again -- and it really looks like he has been -- this just shows how much the Chinese government is terrified of this man and his convictions.

Despite the unspeakable physical and mental torture, Gao still continues to speak out, which is beyond admirable -- it is superhuman.

He is a true moral force to be reckoned with and we hope he will resurface soon.

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