Saturday, 26 December 2015

Picture of the Day: Pacific Spirit Park

Enveloped in lush greenery with shades of blue above
Today is Christmas Day and after many days of rain we had an unusually sunny day.

So we took advantage of the blue skies, though chilly temperatures in the late morning by going for a walk at the nearby Pacific Spirit Park.

Also out were many other people with their families and lots of dogs -- lots and lots of canines keen to get some exercise in the woods.

A closeup of moss and fungus growing on a branch!
Seeing the dogs sniffing each other out and being well behaved was a far cry from the dogs in Hong Kong that snipe at each other and worse -- are carried by their masters and mistresses! Dogs are for walking!

We took in the crisp clean air and enjoyed the green scenery before tucking into another big Christmas meal...

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