Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bedtime Setback

My apartment has a mattress, a fridge, a closet and now the bed frame was coming on Thursday.

The delivery came around the appointed time and luckily a friend was available to help open the door to the flat.

However, as I wasn't there to witness the whole procedure, I found out the workers had trouble putting the bed frame together.

First of all, the headboard was too tall and so it can't be against the window as I had hoped. But more importantly, it's a bed frame where the boards under the mattress can be lifted up so that I can put things underneath it, like luggage or things I don't use often. My bedroom isn't large enough to get a hydraulic lift, so I'm stuck lifting the mattress manually.

But it turns out one of the boards that is supposed to lie flat was of the wrong size and stuck out, making it impossible for the mattress to lie flat as well. 

So what did the workers do? They just abandoned the procedure and left! They left it half done, not knowing out to solve the problem (ie. probably not having a saw or a machine to cut the board into the right size).

They had told my friend they would contact their supervisor and that person would contact me, but that never happened. I called later that day and no one answered the phone; I called again the next day and the line was constantly busy. I also called the DSC customer service line, only to be told that it would be ANOTHER WEEK before the problem would be dealt with.

In order to sleep Thursday night, my friend helped me disassemble most of the pieces so that we could be back where we started -- with the mattress on the floor again. I was so looking forward to having it together, but this setback is a real drag. I know have pieces of the bed frame leaning against my wall or standing upright, taking up more space.

Nevertheless, the good thing is that my little leather stool has arrived, making it easier for me to type on the computer instead of sitting on my bed.

And fingers crossed, on Monday I'll get my table and chairs.

I hope this bed frame situation gets sorted soon. My friend suggested I had better get on their case or even go back to the store to complain otherwise nothing may be done. I think I will have to head there tomorrow...

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  1. how come all those mattress and frames dont match??
    there should be some sort of specifications. this must not be ikea.