Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bugged by Mosquitoes and a Possible Storm

Since arriving in Hong Kong I've gotten several mosquito bites.

These nasty bugs aren't the ones that leave a small red dot on your arm or leg that disappear after a day or so. In Hong Kong I seem to get the ones that leave huge red swollen blotches on my body and have yet to go away.

Why is this? Are southern Chinese mosquitoes more aggressive in their blood-sucking attacks compared to their northern cousins?

The summer season is well underway and it'll be a while before it cools down. Looks like I'm a sweet target for mosquitoes, which don't seem to give me any mercy.

In other news, we are all watching the direction of Tropical Storm Chanthu as Typhoon Signal 1 has been hoisted as of this afternoon.

The Hong Kong Observatory says Typhoon 3 may be raised overnight or tomorrow morning with heavy rains expected in the next few days.

Which is why I moved most of my things to my new apartment tonight while there was no precipitation yet. I don't have any furniture in there, but on Saturday my mattress and fridge will be delivered, and the gas connected to the stove.

Smart thinking, huh?

If only I could find a way to avoid those pesky mosquitoes...

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