Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Caught in the Downpour

Today at lunchtime I got caught in the rain. As in thunder, lightning, and rain pouring down.

Water was rushing down staircases like a torrent, creating an instant river on the sidewalk.

It was so bad that my sandals were completely soaked through and I could feel the water swishing around inside. When I got inside I emptied some water out of them.

Even having an umbrella was no use because other people shorter than you would walk by with their umbrellas in your face, or worse yet, cars driving by had no qualms splashing pedestrians, the drivers probably having evil smiles on their faces watching others get more wet.

There was lots of lightning and thunder, as the Hong Kong Observatory had predicted. And the rain continued to pour down relentlessly. Those who ventured out knew they would be soaked -- but this being Hong Kong, sometimes things have to be delivered, come rain or shine.

Now several hours later, my sandals are STILL wet... hopefully they'll be OK in the morning...

I used to think people who wore Crocs were strange. Why did they like making their feet look so big? 

But they were perfect for today's crazy weather conditions.

So I finally caved in and bought a pair.

They're pretty comfortable, and given we're going to have more rain in the next month or so, makes sense to have these silly plastic shoes that are perfectly fine to get wet in.


  1. when in rome do what the romans do. experience is the best teacher. the locals know best what to wear including crocs.

  2. Hi hi hi! I love crocs myself and wear them when it's dry too. The slim fit styles are comfy to walk in and don't look too awkward. Enjoy Hong Kong :) /L