Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hong Kong Gets Drenched

Typhoon Chanthu went southwest of Hong Kong, missing the city directly, but we felt the effects of it passing by with the Typhoon 3 signal.

Last night and this morning we had very strong winds, with heavy rain overnight.

Luckily it was overcast until lunchtime as I had a function to attend in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. A woman I was with informed me that all typhoon signals were down. However, after I got back to the office in the late afternoon, the clouds got ominously darker and unleashed heavy rains over the city.

It got so bad, that at 5:30pm, the Hong Kong Observatory announced the black rain warning, which means severe rainstorm. When this warning is issued, people should stay at home or in a safe shelter until the rain subsides.

My colleague remarked it seemed to be coincidental that the black rain warning was issued just before the end of work. We should be going home right away, she says, but since it was pouring with rain, it will be impossible to get a taxi, and public transportation like the MTR or subway will be packed.

So the next best option? Stay in the office and do more work. Is this a subtle way to boost Hong Kong's productivity?

At sunset the rains cleared, but the sky looked ominous with the remaining sunshine and set against dark clouds.

I went home at 7pm as it had stopped raining even though the black rain warning was still in force. Some people were still determined to have a good time in Lan Kwai Fong or along the Mid-Levels escalator, while others erring on the side of caution, stocked up with groceries and went home.

The black rain warning was down around 7:45pm but we're still getting periodic gusts of wind and heavy rain.

As Chanthu moves further inland we're still going to have rain. So while it's going to be a wet weekend, at least we won't be completely drenched.

Which reminds me -- yesterday another coworker stepped outside for a cigarette when all of a sudden he was caught in a downpour.

Not only is that a good lesson not to light up, but also he tried to scrounge around for a clean shirt so he could dry the one he was wearing.

My colleagues could offer him either a monogrammed fluffy bathrobe, two polo shirts that a cat had sat on and so there were cat hairs on it, or an apron.

I thought he'd go for the robe, but instead he went to the bathroom and spent some time under the weak hand dryer...

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