Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fact of the Day: China is the World's Biggest Beer Market

According to Credit Suisse's World Map of Beer, China has grown from a market of hardly touching a drop of beer to consuming the most in the world.

The beer-drinking market in China is growing 10 percent each year which is probably making the four biggest brewing companies, ABI, SABMiller, Carlsberg and Heineken frothing at the thought. Together they already own half the world's beer market.

However, getting a bigger piece of the China pie is a huge challenge, as it already has its own beers, like Qingdao and Yanjing. These beers have lower alcohol content and are refreshing in taste. Not only that, but they are much cheaper than imported brands, and you can't forget the patriotic factor.

What nationalistic Chinese would want to be caught drinking anything but a Chinese beer?

Sounds like the Chinese beer market is still an elusive catch for multinationals...

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