Sunday, 1 August 2010

Firing Up a Delicious Meal

Roka restaurant is located in the basement of Pacific Place Mall in Admiralty.

It's a place that is meant to invoke the five senses, from the wood and stone to the fire from the robata grill that serves up grilled vegetables, seafood and meats, as well as sashimi and sushi.

Sitting at the bar is the ideal spot to watch the chefs at work, busy tending to their dishes. Every time an order is read out, they all shout, "hai-ya!" for a bit of drama and energy. One chef garnishes an Alaskan King Crab leg, while another throws a piece of raw beef on the grill. The dishes are all plated with a thick leaf soaked in water to create a simple yet beautiful presentation.

My friend and I had a bite to eat here and thoroughly enjoyed the three-piece set of sashimi that featured salmon, tuna and yellowtail.

Then we had a spinach salad with sesame dressing, garnished with finely diced burdock and thin slices of daikon. It was very refreshing and light.

Strawberry jasmine sundae with yuzu granite
Next came the main, a grilled seabass, two lamb cutlets that were seared hot and a tender red inside. We also had a side of grilled sweet potato served in a small bowl.

The meal had to be completed with dessert, and so we ordered Itchigo To Jasmine No Sundae, Yuzu-Gouri, which is described as strawberry jasmine sundae with yuzu granite. Yuzu granite? What's that?

The waitress explained it was lightly flavoured shaved ice. Bring it on, we said.

It arrived in a small quaint glass on top of a bed of ice. There was the ice cream on top with the slices of dried strawberries, complete with the crushed ice and thin wafers in between the layers of cream and mango. Mmm-mmm good.

Dinner for two without drinks was just over HK$700 ($90).

Shop 002, Level LG1
Pacific Place, 88 Queensway
Hong Kong
3960 5988

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  1. too bad you did not take a pic of the other dishes that would certainly make my mouth water.