Monday, 9 August 2010

Green and Healthy

Last night my friend and I tried out Life Organic Health Cafe along the Mid-Levels escalator. It's a three-storey place that is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

This place is pretty popular; we didn't make reservations so we were relegated to the roof, which luckily had fans to keep us relatively cool.

The seating arrangements are simple, with wooden tables and benches for two or four. And likewise the menu is limited and straight forward.

We started with the beetnik salad, featuring wine-marinated beets with mixed greens, almonds and dried tofu cubes. The other appetiser was hummus, a small, delicious scoop of it that was roughly blended with small pie slices of whole wheat pita bread.

Soon afterwards we got our mains -- a tofu sesame stir-fry with quinoa, carrots, peppers, bak choy, mushrooms, layered tofu and raw watercress. It was pretty good, especially the tofu, which is more usually found in Chinese dishes like mock goose, as it has a quasi meaty texture.

However, it was the raw power zucchini dish that really pepped up my friend's taste buds. The plate was filled with zucchini that has been carefully sliced like noodles, flavoured with pesto sauce and garnished with cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and basil. It was very refreshing for a hot day and definitely filled us up.

We are keen to come back again and I know what my friend will definitely be ordering!

Dinner for two was HK$374 ($48).

Life Organic Health Cafe
10 Shelley Street
Hong Kong

2810 9777

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  1. for a bunch of veggie and tofu it is pretty expensive to pay $374 considering some hongkongers makes about $5-6000 a month. that represents 5% of their monthly salary. just for one meal?