Sunday, 8 August 2010

Picture of the Day: Hello Kitty Crocs

Hello Kitty is still going strong here.

When I first came to Hong Kong to live and work in 1994 there was a Hello Kitty craze in the form of collectible dolls that you could by from McDonald's with a certain set meal. Hello Kitty in a sailor suit. Hello Kitty in a kimono. Hello Kitty in a pink dress. Hello Kitty with a Hawaiian grass skirt. And then you could collect her boyfriend Daniel in his various outfits too. It never seemed to end.

Why Asians are so hung up on Hello Kitty is so bizarre. I can understand little girls having a fascination for the cat with the big rectangular face with no mouth, and a big red bow on her left ear, but 30-year-old women? Avid fans can have Hello Kitty lingerie, toasters that burn her face on the bread, or make pancakes the shape of her visage.

And then tonight as I passed by the Crocs store and saw, horror of horrors -- Hello Kitty Crocs. Check out the poster with her modeling her own pair.

Granted these plastic sandals are for girls, but who knows if Crocs might meet market demand and make larger ones for women who are still in love with Hello Kitty.

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  1. just the same we love snoopy for decades. there is a child's heart in everyone.