Friday, 10 December 2010

Childish Intentions

Six-year-old Zeng Yuhan accepts the award on behalf of Lien Chan
So it turns out I was wrong about Beijing not holding a ceremony for the Confucius Peace Prize yesterday.
There was one, even though winner Lien Chan didn't make the trip across the Taiwan Strait to receive the award.
However all was not lost -- the inaugural award was accepted on his behalf -- by a six-year-old girl.
What little Zeng Yuhan had done to have the honour of receiving the award no one knows, and she herself didn't understand what all the fuss was about, appearing puzzled and hiding behind members of staff.
Reporters tried to ask her if she knew why she was there, but the adults answered for her instead.
"Leave her alone, please. She's just a little girl who knows nothing," a staff member said. "She is not as complicated as you think."
So what was the point of having a six-year-old girl receive the prize then?
Did the organizers think the media would go ga-ga over her and report admirably about the event? Or that no one would be that concerned about having a child receiving an award that was supposed to have as much gravitas as the Nobel Peace Prize?

The ploy was completely transparent and fell on its face. What a farce.
Now Zeng will always be known as the girl who accepted the inaugural Confucius Peace Prize for nothing.
Wonder how she'll feel about it 10, 15, 20 years from now...

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  1. a shameful display of naiivite in the world stage.