Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Unpredictable Commute

My commutes to and from work can be an exercise in patience.
They usually take just over an hour, mostly due to heavy traffic approaching the Cross Harbour Tunnel, and then it's pretty much smooth sailing afterwards through Kowloon or onwards to Wan Chai.
So I thought that with many people leaving for the Christmas holidays, the traffic situation would lighten up this week.
I was completely wrong yesterday.
We usually get to the office around 10:15am. But yesterday we were stuck in traffic in Central by the ferry piers and inched along all the way to Wan Chai.

It was already 10:15am by the time we approached the Cross Harbour Tunnel.
We finally arrived at the office at 10:40am -- a record.
My bus mates joked we would have the same kind of commute coming back, but it was almost the same as usual.
This morning we wondered what traffic would be like -- and it was the complete opposite from the day before. We whizzed through Central and got to Wan Chai with five minutes to spare. And then it was smooth sailing -- fast sailing in fact -- all the way to the office by 10:07am.
Today is Winter Solstice on the Lunar calendar which means we all get off early today for dinners with our families.
Traffic again was a breeze and I got to Central in just over 45 minutes.

Hope the next week and a half will be similar traffic conditions...

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  1. life is full unpredictable surprises. you win some you lose some. just have to accept eventualities. remember ' whatever will be will be the future not ours to see que sera sera.'