Saturday, 18 December 2010

Good-looking Christmas

Pacific Place in Hong Kong is known as a pretty upscale mall, but not as much as say the Landmark.

Nevertheless, PP does have such veritable stores as Lane Crawford, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier, Tod's and Versace.

The mall has been undergoing some renovations and a certain columnist by the name of Michael Chugani keeps complaining that the nice benches along the mall have been replaced with uncomfortable wooden mounds that are supposedly for resting. I have yet to try this out for myself, but they don't look like a good place for your bottom as you rest your tired feet.

Nevertheless, my beef is about PP's Christmas advertising campaign.

No, I'm not complaining about the fact that the mall is encouraging shoppers to drop HK$2,800 ($360) or more in a single day (or HK$2,300 of you are an American Express cardholder) in order to receive a free Links of London limited edition Christmas ornament.

There's another shopping area in Central that's pushing customers to drop HK$20,000 ($2,571) or more in order for the privilege of staying over at the Mandarin in Hong Kong or the one in Macau for a very cheap rate. I should hope so after plonking down that much money.

But back to PP. Its festive slogan this year is "True Christmas, True Emotions".

Why "true" had to be emphasized makes the holidays seem even more fabricated than they already are...

But my problem is that the campaign features pictures of good-looking Eurasian women and children (the guy looks Chinese). Are Eurasians the only ones who know how to celebrate a "true Christmas" with "true emotions"?

Unfortunately I couldn't put the picture up in this post but you can check the pictures out here.

While most Eurasians are good looking, what about the rest of us regular folk? Kind of misconstrues the whole point of Christmas doesn't it?

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