Monday, 13 December 2010

Gripe of the Day: Chatty Cathy Workouts

When I and most people go to the gym, we want to focus on our workout.

Many choose to block out the rest of the world wearing headphones, listening to music or in my case, podcasts. I have a friend who listens to Chinese lessons while pounding the treadmill. I don't understand how you can learn Mandarin while trying to run at the same time, but if it works for him...

However I digress.

Tonight after work I did my usual workout routine of free weights, ab exercises and push-ups and usually end with a spin on the treadmill. But today I chose to go on the elliptical and was a few minutes into it when a Chinese woman got on another machine near me and was yakking away loudly in English and Cantonese on her headset piece.

And she wouldn't stop.

She just kept going on carrying on a phone conversation while working out on the elliptical.

A Caucasian guy on her left and I on her right stared at her periodically hoping she would stop, but she took no notice of us giving her dirty looks.

Why do I notice mostly women working out and chatting with their friends or even talking business at the same time? I now recall a few months ago seeing a woman chatting with a client on the phone, also on the elliptical.

I find it fascinating that people are able to multitask like this, but at the same time very annoyed by their disrespect for others around them.

Either chat with your friends or clients elsewhere or focus on your workout.

Both can hardly benefit simultaneously.

Maybe a scientist could conduct a study on multitasking workouts and I hope my hypothesis is correct.

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  1. that is one way to get ahead in the rat race world although at the expense of causing discomfort to other people. one reason why hong kong is so vibrant and prosperous.