Thursday, 19 November 2015

Fact of the Day: Hong Kong's Most Expensive Flat

Looking up at Opus Hong Kong, the city's most expensive flats
Swire Properties is probably chuffed now that it has sold its last flat in the Frank Gehry-designed Opus Hong Kong for a record HK$509.6 million ($65.8 million), making it the most expensive one in Asia.

The 5,444 square-foot unit is on the 12th and top floor on 53 Stubbs Road, and includes two parking spaces and a 1,508 square foot rooftop. So that translates to HK$93,608 per square foot.

The Frank Gehry-designed building is on Stubbs Road
It took three years to finally sell the last unit, but the record high price also demonstrates the uber rich don't mind paying a few hundred million to secure a prestigious address; meanwhile the rest of us plebians are struggling to pay the bills because everything's more expensive than before, and we're doing more work at work because our employers are not hiring staff to replace those who have left.

The wealth gap is growing bigger and bigger in Hong Kong and the government doesn't seem to be the least bit concerned about this serious issue.

It probably thinks the two groups can coexist just fine -- with one group serving the needs of the other to keep the economy going...

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