Saturday, 28 November 2015

Two Debuts at Clockenflap

More music followed on the second day of Clockenflap at West Kowloon
I spent a second day at Clockenflap and for me it was interesting to watch two artists make their debuts at this music festival, Leah Dou and Denise Ho Wan-see.

Dou is 18-year-old and is an indie artist who released her first album in Japan recently. However she is best known as Faye Wong's daughter.

Leah Dou (left) performing at Atum stage
The young musician with pink and blonde hair ran onto the stage and sang several English songs, and addressing the audience mostly in English, and a few words in Cantonese. However the vast majority of people who came to see her were Chinese and gave her a warm welcome.

However it was soon over as her set was only half an hour long, but enough to have fans who knew her music and were appreciative of her coming to the festival.

Even more people came out to see Ho an hour later. The non-Chinese crowd who had just seen Earth, Wind & Fire left the area, and it was flooded with a sea of black heads.

She immediately observed this and pointed it out to the crowd who shouted her name out, while she waved to a few people she seemed to recognize in the audience. One guy shouted out "Ho Wan-see!" and the openly-gay singer replied, "My husband!"

Denise Ho made her fans happy performing tonight
Known for being active in the Occupy protests last year, Ho asked the audience how Hong Kong people were, and they roared and shouted. She also said she'd sing Cantonese songs, much to their delight, as a sign of her love of the city and culture.

She too had hair that was blonde -- and wore a boyfriend jacket, black hot pants and boots.

Because of her participation in the Umbrella Movement, her record label dropped her and she was banned from performing on the mainland. And so she gave a heartfelt thank you to Clockenflap for inviting her to be one of the few local acts to perform.

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