Monday, 30 November 2015

Last Swim of the Year

A view of the (empty) Kennedy Town Pool at dusk
Today was the last day to use the Kennedy Town pool before it not only closes for the season, but for another year while an extension is added to the pool, so it won't open again until spring 2017!

This is a depressing thought, as the pool is a fantastic location for me. I can look down on it to see how many people are in there and make a quick decision as to whether I should venture down there or not within five minutes.

In the summer it was a frustrating experience, as the pool was crowded with people and on top of it, the water temperature was so warm, it was on the verge of disgusting...

And then I only figured out a few weeks ago that the pool was only open for the month of November from morning until noon so I started swimming every Saturday and Sunday for three weeks. In the process i got a fantastic tan on my back!

However this past weekend the temperature dropped and my swim in the unheated pool was FREEZING to say the least, but at the same time my entire body was shocked into being awake and it automatically began swimming fast, as if to say, "Keep warm! Swim now!"

After a few laps it was still cold, but the body acclimatized to it, even though my toes were still kind of numb. Afterwards the invigorating swim was kind of refreshing, in a torturous way. But us die-hard swimmers are the same -- we love it so much we will do it in pretty much any conditions... even if it shocks our heart into action!

This past Saturday the temperature of the water was helped a bit by the sun coming out of the clouds, but yesterday it was mostly overcast so it was pretty much cold all the way. Of course the sun came out after I left the pool...

In the meantime we hope they fix the temperature reading at the entrance to the pool. It always says 25 degrees even though it's colder... and how about an actual reading of the water temperature?!

A bientot, Kennedy Town Pool! See you in 2017!

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